Improved Employee Experience – PayChequer

PayChequerIf you’re already familiar with Payroll by PaymentEvolution, then you know how easy and convenient online software makes the payroll process. Innovative technology is something that we at PaymentEvolution pride ourselves on creating. For that reason, we are thrilled to announce the new and improved PayChequer – a highly secure employee payslip service built around the latest mobile technology. PayChequer saves your company from the mundane work of printing payslips and year-end T4s and RL-1s. Your employees can now access this information at any time from their mobile devices – providing a fast friendly user experience. What’s even better is that this effortless payroll and financial cloud technology is included in all PaymentEvolution Payroll plans at no additional cost. If you haven’t already set up your staff to use Paychequer, follow our handy guide. For new employees, you can have the service automatically email them an activation to access PayChequer by setting up company notifications in your payroll options. Go Green now and take PayChequer for a spin at

Point of Sale integration from POS2Payroll

POS2Payroll and PaymentEvolution

If your business uses a point of sale system (POS) then you know how critical these are to your business. Most modern POS systems allow staff to log their working hours but then force you to manually re-key this information into your payroll system. Thanks to our friends at POS2Payroll you no longer have to worry about retyping this information. POS2Payroll integrates with your point of sale terminal  to extract employee time data for use in PaymentEvolution payroll. They integrate with a lot of systems including Aloha, Micros 3700, POSiTouch, Squirrel, QSR, Focus POS, PAR, Harbortouch and many more.

Our help article explains how the integration works and getting started is as easy as connecting with the folks at POS2Payroll. If you have a point of sale system, you’ll save time, avoid retyping errors and automate getting your payroll by using POS2Payroll.

How we reached over 7000 clients

PaymentEvolution-PayrollWho doesn’t love to get paid? It’s a basic premise of work and one we’re quite fond of! In fact, we now help over 7000 businesses across Canada and around the world pay their staff. It’s made us one of the largest and most loved payroll and payments services. We make people happy – we pay them. I often get asked how we started the company and what it took to get to where we are. Well, this is our story (it’s an abridged version of a talk I recently gave at a startup event).
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Employee notifications

PayChequerInvitationEmailSetting up new employees? Invite them to see their playslips using our free tool Now, when you setup employees you can invite them to use PayChequer to manage their pay history online. No more paper payslips or printing year-end tax forms – employees can now find all their personal pay history and T4/RL-1 forms online. If you haven’t already setup your staff to use PayChequer, follow our handy guide. For new employees, you can have the service automatically email them an activation to access PayChequer by setting up company notifications in your payroll options.

Go ahead – set up the notifications today. Your employees will thank you!

Updating FreshBooks integration and new features

Monitor your payroll expenses in your FreshBooks account
Monitor your payroll expenses in your FreshBooks account

One of our most popular integrations is getting even better. We now support exporting payroll expenses to FreshBooks. In addition to importing the time your staff tracks in FreshBooks and its mobile apps, you can now see your detailed payroll costs as expenses in FreshBooks. If you’ve already activated FreshBooks for timesheet import, setting up expense import is very easy. Our online guide will walk you through the simple steps to setup the new integration.

We’ve also added a few new features requested by our community. As always – if you have a suggestion on how we can make your payroll better, please let us know.

The employee report which lists all your active and terminated staff has been improved. You can now perform ad hoc searches, filter out data you don’t need to see and even export the results to spreadsheets like Excel.

The business pro plan is also getting better. We’ve added a few great time-saving features that’ll make payroll processing even simpler for your organization:

Have a lot of employees and don’t want to re-enter all their data into your payroll profile? Now you can import employees via CSV file. This will save you time and ensure consistency when moving a larger number of staff members to PaymentEvolution Payroll.

Once you have these employees in the system, you can now assign a custom employee identifier as part of their profile. This secondary ID can be fully customized to match the employee IDs that you may use elsewhere in your business.

Lastly, you can now import timesheets via CSV file. If you have a timekeeping system or punch-clock style system to keep track of time that your staff have worked, this will allow you to import the hours without retyping. You’ll not only save time but will reduce errors attributed to manual data entry. No more expensive one-off custom integrations just to take advantage of your existing timekeeping systems – most systems will support sending data in CSV format which can easily be imported into your PaymentEvolution payruns.

Employee imports, custom employee numbers and timesheet imports are available with the business pro plan. Contact us to upgrade and activate these features.


Enhancing shared access and general ledger exports

We’ve updated one of our most popular features – shared access – to include a new type of role, the timesheet manager. Shared access can be used to delegate certain payroll functions to others in your organization. The new timesheet manager role is focused on processing payroll for time-based staff. You may need to have your hourly staff pay runs processed separately from your salaried staff. Now you can delegate the processing of these pay runs to someone in your organization.

Payroll permissions and rolesThere are 5 permission types now available: employeetimekeepertimesheet managerpayroll manager, and payroll master. For details on how these roles can interact with your payroll please see our help article.

We’ve also enhanced general ledger exports to Xero and Kashoo. A few folks have requested that the export be a bit more detailed for better reconciliation with their bookkeeping records. Now, when you export your general ledger to Xero or Kashoo, you’ll see several more line items with a more detailed breakdown of things like source deductions. All your mapped general ledger codes will still be available, you’ll just see more line items in case you need to match certain transactions individually.

Lastly, we’ve modified the earnings advance pay rule to now use the “occasional earnings” tax methodology as prescribed by the Canada Revenue Agency. This more accurately reflects how the majority of our clients use this rule in their payruns (an earnings advance is given occasionally and not regularly like typical wages). If you need advances to use the regular tax calculation, you can create a new custom earnings rule to reflect this.

If you have any other features you’d like to see or have suggestions on other enhancements, please let us know.


The cheque is (NOT) in the mail

No more home delivery - Photo by Stephen Rees
Photo by Stephen Rees

Avoid problems mailing cheques

Canada Post recently announced its intention to phase out door-to-door delivery of mail. If you are still printing and mailing cheques, now is the time to switch to electronic payments. Your employees will appreciate the convenience and security of receiving their pay electronically. They’ll save a trip to the bank and stop worrying if the cheque was mailed on time.

Electronic payments are:

  • more secure – payments are made directly to employee bank accounts. No more worries about mis-directed mail, lost cheques and potential cheque fraud
  • more timely – employees receive cleared funds immediately with no ‘holding’ period for cheques
  • more convenient – staff no longer need to sign cheques, stuff envelopes or make trips to the post office
  • significantly less expensive – the average business spends over $2.50 to issue an employee a cheque. Electronic payments from PaymentEvolution are only 50¢

Before your employees start asking, make the switch to PaymentEvolution ePay – its simple and fully integrated with your payroll. Better still, with our secure PayChequer service, you staff will get all their pay slips and full pay history online (even their year end tax documents).