Hi – I’m Sam.

We started PaymentEvolution to help small businesses like you break free from costly financial transactions like running your employee payroll. Think about it – why would you pay to pay someone? Paying your employees and remitting taxes should not be a burden – and that’s why we started this service. Our goal is to provide you simple, free, online and secured financial services like payroll. Go ahead – try it – login and start using the service at no cost.

Why would we offer payroll for free? Mostly because we are a small business like you. We know how expensive it can get to do simple things like issue cheques to our employees. We originally created the software to solve our own payroll needs and have evolved it over the past several years to become a robust web-based system that any small business can use.

We support DataPortabilityWe keep the system up to date with the latest Government of Canada tax tables and even give you a simple way for your employees to access their own paystubs. It’s all hosted in secure data centers where we are super paranoid about keeping your data secure and private.

We also support data portability meaning that your data is your data. We give you an easy way to extract your payroll information and history for your own use. Don’t like what you see? It’s ok – take your data with you (though I hope you’ll tell me how we can improve!)

Give it a try and let us know how you’re using the service to save yourself money.

Why pay to pay!