I’ve had a few folks ask me if PaymentEvolution really offers free payroll processing. The short answer is yes.

We do it because we believe small businesses should have a choice for their financial services. In fact, many of our friends who started their own businesses complained about the lack of choice when it came to processing their employee payroll. As one entrepreneur put it –

we can get outsourced expensive payroll or we can decide to do it ourselves cheaper – but we don’t have time to process everything ourselves!

That’s one of the reasons we created PaymentEvolution. You can use our service online from anywhere to do your payroll run and not have to worry about tracking government remittances in a spreadsheet somewhere. The service does all this for you. Our current version has the ability to print your own cheques just like you probably already do. Your employees get their own login to view their paystubs and payroll history – making your job very simple.

For months we’ve offered a free online payroll calculator

by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

which expands on the Canadian Revenue Agency’s limited version. Think of our payroll service as yet another enhancement – only now you can process your full payroll on the site (for free).

So, yes, the service is free – and we’re working hard to add enhancements to the site to make it even easier to process your payroll and give your employees a secure way to access their pay history.

Let us know how you find the service and let us know how to make it better for you.