Microsoft discontinues Office Accounting
photo by Ryan Mahoney (Flickr)

A few days ago Microsoft announced it would stop selling its Office Accounting package claiming that Excel is a better option for small businesses. This is a significant move that underlines the value of hosted services. Office Accounting was tied to the desktop which doesn’t match how we use services today. We tote netbooks and update our Facebook pages from our iPhones – relying on cloud services to get our work done.

Think about how you run your business today. You’re probably pointing clients to your website and juggling a lot of email each day. Having to install software on a desktop just to get your accounting done seems so … so 1998. Using cloud-based services frees you up – you no longer need to “patch” your accounting software and as rules change, the cloud service incorporates those changes faster than you can reboot your netbook.

Payroll is well suited for this cloud service wave – no small business really wants to worry about the complexity of payroll deductions, government remittances, keeping employee records etc. By moving this service to the cloud, we can take advantage of up-to-minute changes to payroll rules, process payroll from anywhere without having to install something, and give employees access to their own pay histories. It’s the freedom we’ve all come to expect now applied to payroll.

If you’re looking for a life raft after jumping ship from Office Accounting – check out cloud-based payroll from PaymentEvolution.