Since posting this article, we’ve transitioned to a better, more transparent help model – community help, forums, tips & tricks, real-time chat and help ticketing with full history. Much of this was driven by comments from our clients who wanted more than community forums – see

Engaging with our clients is the highlight of my day. We get emails, comments and questions all the time – and responding to them is our opportunity to connect and discuss what’s on their mind. In the payroll industry, clients ask questions ranging from specifics on interpreting payroll legislation to “what-if” scenarios with their employees. Managing responses to these questions is critical – but until now, we haven’t been able to share the wealth of common knowledge created by all these questions with our growing community of clients.

Some firms cope by creating “frequently asked questions” or post some generic help topics on their site. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most dynamic way to keep material updated and relevant to a large number of users. Worse, if its a new topic but relevant to a large number of clients, answering, posting and curating the response takes too long. This is where our strong community comes in. Changing our help system from static help to dynamic, user-powered support will allow our community to get more relevant answers, often from others in a similar situation.

Today, we’re unveiling our enhanced support service with the help of the good folks at You can visit to participate in the community and experience better customer support. You can use the site to ask questions, share an idea, give us feedback and even report issues. Let us know how you like it!