Today we’re launching an exciting new addition to the PaymentEvolution payroll platform – an employee self-service portal and financial planning tool:

PayChequerPayChequer is your home for up to date information about your pay. You can use the service to check your most recent pay stub, see a history of all your previous payments and gather the data you need for tax or financial planning. Employers can use the service to provide their staff full electronic pay information and provide their employees an easy way to update personal information through the self-serve web app. Best of all – the service is free!

A few weeks ago we commissioned a study with Harris/Decima (the same folks who do political polling) to find out what employees really want when they view their pay statements. A surprising number of employees never received a proper statement or lost their statements because they were provided only on paper to them. More importantly, the vast majority of employees have difficulty understanding the arcane codes and abbreviations often used on their statements.

We knew we could do better. PayChequer gives employees a fresh view of their statements by presenting the most important information right up front (Net Pay!). We also provide useful data like vacation days and RRSP contributions to help make personal and financial planning easier.PayChequer - sample pay statementWe worked with several beta testers to ensure we presented meaningful data and made it easier for them to “glance” at their statement and get the information they needed.

In addition to presenting a better paystub, the service allows employees to securely change their address, access their pay history, print statements and receive important tax related documents like T4 / T4a statements. Employers no longer need to absorb the expense of sending paper documents, tracking tax documents etc. PaymentEvolution’s PayChequer does it for them.

Our beta testers have told us they love getting their statements this way. We think of it as an employee retention and attraction tool – if your staff is happy with how you present their pay, they’ll be more productive and view you as a progressive employer. Give PayChequer a spin and let us know what you think in our feedback and support community.