The latest additions to PaymentEvolution Payroll are live and as always, we have our awesome user-community at to thank. Over there you can submit and vote on ideas, features and enhancements to your payroll service.


  • The latest payroll tables and calculation rules for 2011 are active. In addition, we’ve added the ability to “close” a payroll year so you can archive previous pay runs. If you haven’t already, login and run your final pay run for 2010 and close your payroll year to activate the 2011 rules.
  • We’ve added 8% accrual and release of vacation pay (in addition to our already supported 0%, 4% and 6% rates)
  • Vacation pay now supports custom release amounts. You can now, for example, release only a portion of an employee’s vacation balance as part of your regular pay run.
  • Custom rules for benefits and deductions – you can now specify your own custom tags and calculation rules for various company deductions and benefits. You can use this feature to setup custom deductions for your employees (ie like a coffee fund deduction) as well as benefits (ie health club membership). Renaming each rule allows you to customize the decription in both your reports as well as the paystubs your employees see when logging into
  • We’ve added electronic payments – allowing you to pay your employees directly without printing or writing cheques. PaymentEvolution e-Pay is the safe, secure way to pay your staff and is available for only 50 cents per transaction. There are NO monthly fee, NO file fees, NO minimums. Its easy to get started – just click the e-Pay logo after you login to your account.
  • Employee T4 forms are now available
  • Multi-tax year support has been added.
  • There have been many changes under the hood to support growth of the platform and added redundancy to ensure the service is available when you need it.

Since we run in the cloud, we can do updates frequently without requiring our user community to update software, download patches etc. We are always looking for feedback – if you have a feature request or want to see some changes, please let us know!