Based on client feedback we’re releasing a few enhancements to the service today. As always, the feedback we gather at our user-community – – shapes the evolution of your payroll service. If you haven’t had a chance to head there, take a look and let us know how to make the service better for you.


  • Rename your company – yes, you can now change the name of your company. This name is reflected on your employee payslips, records of employment and various tax forms. To change your company name, go to the setting menu bar and select company profile. Edit your company name and click “save” to record the changes.
  • New report – cheques / payslips. Some clients have asked to have a printable payslip and/or cheque report so they can physically hand employees details of their pay. You can find the new report under the Reports menu bar. Remember, employees can still access their pay history through their own login credentials at
  • Custom rules for benefits and deductions – you can now add your own fields and have essentially unlimited number of rules you can apply in your organization. As always, you can customize the names of each rule (deduction / benefit) and give it a meaningful description so your employees know what the item is for (no more short codes and difficult to navigate legends). For information on how to setup custom rules for benefits or deductions see our community help article.
  • Our e-Pay service now supports payments to your employees in the middle and last day of the month (in addition to Friday payments) allowing us to better support organizations on a semi-monthly pay cycle. Please remember to submit / finalize your payruns at least 7 calendar days ahead of the payment date to meet our processing time cutoffs.
  • We continue enhancing the backend of the service to support new features. You may not see these immediately but we listen and implement the requests you make.

All these enhancements take place in our cloud infrastructure – without requiring you to download new software, install patches or update your system. Just log into your account, and the new features are available to you. Have an idea? We are always looking for feedback – if you have a feature request or want to see some changes, please let us know!