We’re busy adding enhancements to the service – here are a few we’ve recently rolled out:


  • Advanced options for cheque printing – we now support both pre-printed and blank cheque forms. You can customize fonts, account codes etc. Please check with your bank as they may have certain requirements for accepting these customized cheques (including magnetic ink).
  • More customization for GL codes – when we first offered the ability to customize general ledger codes (useful if you are exporting data for use in your accounting system) it was for general categories like source deductions. Now we’ve significantly enhanced this feature to give you custom GL codes at multiple levels. You can set GL codes at the company level (setting up a custom chart of accounts to match your accounting system). You can also set custom codes at the benefit/deduction/earnings level – giving you the flexibility to assign custom codes for custom pay rules (like setting your coffee fund deduction to GIFI code 8523 – “meals and entertainment”). You can even set custom codes at the employee level. Each employee or group of employees can have their own GL code – useful if you want to separate sales headcount from R&D headcount for example.
  • Custom rules for benefits and deductions – you can now set non-cash/cash benefits and deductions (and further set taxation rules for them)
  • For our accountant clients we now offer the ability to do true NET to GROSS calculations with full support of custom pay rules. You can set the NET amount you want to pay an employee and have the system calculate the gross amount with all the requisite source deductions calculated for you. You can even set custom deductions and benefits – we fully support “reverse payroll” through our efficient regression engine. Some of our clients are using this for special cases like shadow payroll and tax gross up situations.
  • For our ePay clients we now support foreign company payments to Canadian-based employees. If you are a non-Canadian based employer, we can now support payments from your foreign bank account to your Canadian employees.

The feedback we gather at our user-community – community.paymentevolution.com – shapes the evolution of your payroll service. If you haven’t had a chance to head there, take a look and let us know how to make the service better for you.