Based on feedback from our growing community, we’ve implemented a few changes. Let us know how we’re doing and suggest other features you need –


  • PaymentEvolution PartnerXero Online Accounting integrationXero provides online accounting services for thousands of businesses. With our new integration, you can use our full-featured payroll service to pay your staff and have the data pushed to the Xero bookkeeping system. This saves you manual re-entry and re-keying. To get started, visit If you are an existing client, we’re providing this integration for free. If you are considering PaymentEvolution for payroll services – sign up before Feb 1, 2012 and we’ll grandfather your account to include Xero integration for free as well. Thanks to those in our community who voted and made Xero our first integration partner.
  • Mixed payment choices – Do you have some staff you need to pay via cheque and others who prefer our ePay services? Now you can select the preferred payment choice on a per payrun / per employee basis. You see this choice on our updated payment screen as you process your payrun. If you haven’t setup your staff for direct deposit / ePay – why not take advantage of our enrolment promotion? If you sign up before Nov 30, 2011 we’ll waive the normal $55 setup fee.
  • Reporting enhancements – you can now view interim reports. If you are part-way through a payrun, you can now view interim reports associated with that pay cycle. The reports area now lists both final and interim reports, giving you a powerful audit trail of payroll entries in the system.
  • Support for OpenID – for our integration partners, we now support OpenID
We’re getting a lot of feedback from our community – here’s one from AF
I no longer loathe payroll processing. I actually enjoy it now since it doesn’t take up my whole afternoon, or even a quarter of it. Thank you PaymentEvolution for providing a service that is accurate, simple to use and time saving. Thank you for understanding that I have other things to do at the office!
Please keep the suggestion, comments and feedback coming! We really do listen: