When we launched PaymentEvolution Payroll almost 2 years ago we wanted to give micro and small businesses the tools they needed to quickly and easily pay their employees. Since then, thousands of businesses across Canada have joined us in solving their payroll frustrations. 

We’ve taken a complex problem and made it really simple for small business owners, entrepreneurs, accountants and bookkeepers to get payroll done – in a as little as 30 seconds. Oh, did I mention? It’s free.

Photograph by Martin Cathrae

It’s full-featured payroll – and you won’t get stuck in the waves of a payroll service that can’t grow with you. We built the service with super-advanced functions that are always available when you need them – but not, when you don’t. 

We’re honest about pricing and we don’t sell your data or target you with ads. After all, we’re one of the earliest advocates of the data portability movement and have a strict privacy policy. We know we’re dealing with sensitive financial information and treat your data with the respect it deserves.

And we’re serious about features – stuff that you need now and stuff you’ll need as you grow your business. For example, we have simple integration with online accounting services – your payroll transactions can be posted in your bookkeeping service. If you’ve ever run your own books, you’ll love this automated posting. 

More advanced features are also included at no extra cost:

  • Always up to date tax calculations – no more “updates”, patches etc
  • True reverse or “gross-up” calculations – very useful if all you want to do is pay someone and determine your tax obligations. If you’ve ever had a pay a nanny, you’ll love the feature.
  • Secure, online employee portal with their full pay history, electronic paystubs, tax information etc
  • T4 slips, records of employment and many other advanced services – all included and easy to do
  • True calculations of your remittance amounts – and automated payment to the government if needed
  • Fully flexible available payment services including direct deposit. Pay your staff the way they want to get paid for less than the cost of a stamp. No more cheques!

If you’re serious about payroll and integration with your books, you’ll love our simple to use service with all the features you need and none of the complexity you don’t.

Get it now and let us know what you think