The next major revision of our popular payroll app has been released. We’ve focused on improving the user experience and making it more intuitive to get your payroll done. Next time you login, you’ll see a new look and feel as well as some neat new features as requested by our client community. Your data is all there – no need to install anything or run a cumbersome upgrade – you’ll get all the new stuff automatically.

What’s new

  • Support for Québec

    We now have support for Québec specific calculations – like the Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP),  Québec Pension Plan (RRQ/QPP) etc. While the service isn’t en Français at this time, we do support Québec-based businesses processing payroll in English.

  • Dashboard and payroll overview

    PaymentEvolution payroll dashboard
    New dashboard overview

    Getting a quick overview of your payroll account is now even easier with the new payroll dashboard. Here you’ll find important notifications (like service updates, feature changes etc), deadlines (like the next time you need to remit funds to the CRA or Revenu Québec) and a nice graph giving you details about previous pay runs. The chart is dynamic – go ahead, try it! You can tap/click an item in the legend to remove (or add it back again) so you can get a quick synopsis of your payroll history. Hover over an item and you’ll get the details.

  • Streamlined navigation

    Streamlined navigation
    Streamlined navigation

    We’ve analyzed the most common tasks that you perform in the system and have simplified access to the most frequently used features. For example, we’ve moved running a payroll from a sub-menu to a top-level item and moved other one-time functions (like setting up Add-Ons) to a sub-menu. Overall, you should find that getting in, performing your most common tasks will be faster and more intuitive.

  • Improved payroll steps

    Improved steps for processing payroll
    Fewer steps to process payroll and improved time sheet entry

    We’ve made it even easier to process complex payroll by streamlining the steps needed for a pay run. Start by selecting the date range you want to pay your staff, then select the employees to be paid, review the calculations and approve payment – that’s it! Behind the scenes we take care of important details like showing you only the employees who are eligible to be paid during that pay period, taking care of additional benefits, deductions and custom earnings and validating the payments to be made.

    View employee earnings
    Quickly view employee earnings during the pay run

    Review individual employee earnings during the pay run with a quick overview and interactive chart that shows you the breakdown of their pay.

  • Enhanced employee records

    Cleaner, easier to read employee profile
    Cleaner, easier to read employee profile

    Employee profiles also get a cleaner, easier to navigate overhaul. You’ll see the employee’s last 5 pay runs charted for you – again, in an interactive way so you can see the details you want. By entering their email address in the profile we’ll display their picture (we currently poll Gravatar for that image). As before, you can apply custom pay rules (deductions, benefits and earnings) to each employee.

  • Custom pay rules

    Custom pay rules
    Powerful custom pay rules – process any type of deduction, benefit, earning and even vacation policy

    Custom pay rules have been a feature we’ve had for some time. In this release we’ve made it easier to find and make changes to these rules. You can use this powerful feature to create custom deductions, benefits and earnings for your staff. We even support custom vacation policies.

  • Integrated help with search

    Search for payroll help
    Easily find the answers you need with the new searchable help and community forums

    We’ve improved access to our community forums and frequently asked questions. Help is now integrated and full searchable from within the app

  • Extend payroll with Add-Ons

    Extend and customize payroll by activating add-ons from our great partners
    Extend and customize payroll by activating add-ons from our great partners

    Our add-ons get easier to integrate with a central area to activate them. Whether you want to make your bookkeeper happy by integrating payroll data with your online bookkeeping system or want to start accepting credit cards in your small business – you’ll find it here.

  • Beautiful reports

    Beautiful reports
    Enhanced reports like the “update summary” which condense a lot of data into a highly visual chart that’s easy to read and navigate

    We’ve overhauled your reports to make them easier to read on screen. For example, large tables are now responsive – allowing you to easily select the columns you want to display (and automatically fit the table to your screen size). We’ve added a few reports requested by our community – an “employee report” which summarizes all your staff, an “ePay report” which details the transactions and amounts coming from your bank account and a “pay run history” which shows all your completed pay runs.

    One challenge we faced was how to display many sets of data in an intuitive way. For example, in the new “update summary” report we created a new visual chart that breaks down your current pay run and gives you a granular view into each category of deduction, earnings and benefits. The chart is interactive with tooltips that expose the detail behind the payroll pie chart.

We hope you like the enhancements we’ve made and hope you’ll keep the feedback coming on how we can continue to improve the service.