Recently our friends over at Xero posted some stats on small businesses and the browsers / operating systems they use to access their accounting data. In the spirit of transparency – here’s a quick look at the statistics for PaymentEvolution Payroll (our online secure app for processing your payroll):

1 month Sept 16 to Oct 16 2012

PaymentEvolution - browser stats 2012
Browser usage 2012 period

1 month Sept 16 to Oct 16 2011 (previous year)


PaymentEvolution - browser stats 2011
Browser usage 2011 period

What’s most interesting to us (aside from the rapid decline in Internet Explorer usage) is the rate at which non-PC devices has grown. Cloud-based services like ours open up the possibility for small business owners to run their business from any computing platform they choose. And our clients have clearly voted – Mac and iOS (not shown) has gone from under 3% of our secure app traffic to now over 1/3. We’ve spoken to several clients that now exclusively run their business on iPads. While that in of itself may not be news today – the fact that these business owners can run their business on mobile devices means freedom. Freedom from having to operate from your desk. Freedom from having to run your business during “regular business hours”. And most importantly, the freedom to do everyday business tasks (like bookkeeping and payroll) from anywhere.

This is amazing change in a very short period of time. Obviously, if your old desktop payroll software can’t keep up – we can recommend one that will 🙂