Reducing prices and adding features

Business Pro - now only $79/mWe’re already Canada’s most cost-effective payroll and payments service but that hasn’t stopped us from adding features you want and bringing you the best service available. Effective today, we’re reducing the subscription fee for our Business Pro plan from $99/month to just $79/month on an annual renewal.

Already one of our most popular service offerings, we’ve expanded the Business Pro plan to include support from payroll specialists while reducing your monthly costs. This plan is best suited for companies with 20 or more employees and includes the option to brand the service for a consistent employee experience.

Like all our paid plans, we give you unlimited payruns and don’t charge for extras like Records of Employment, year-end tax documents or electronic employee payslips.

We also include a free employee self-service portal with their full personal payroll history as well as important tax documents like their T4, T4A and RL-1 slips.

Contact us to register your company or upgrade your existing plan.

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