No more home delivery - Photo by Stephen Rees
Photo by Stephen Rees

Avoid problems mailing cheques

Canada Post recently announced its intention to phase out door-to-door delivery of mail. If you are still printing and mailing cheques, now is the time to switch to electronic payments. Your employees will appreciate the convenience and security of receiving their pay electronically. They’ll save a trip to the bank and stop worrying if the cheque was mailed on time.

Electronic payments are:

  • more secure – payments are made directly to employee bank accounts. No more worries about mis-directed mail, lost cheques and potential cheque fraud
  • more timely – employees receive cleared funds immediately with no ‘holding’ period for cheques
  • more convenient – staff no longer need to sign cheques, stuff envelopes or make trips to the post office
  • significantly less expensive – the average business spends over $2.50 to issue an employee a cheque. Electronic payments from PaymentEvolution are only 50¢

Before your employees start asking, make the switch to PaymentEvolution ePay – its simple and fully integrated with your payroll. Better still, with our secure PayChequer service, you staff will get all their pay slips and full pay history online (even their year end tax documents).