Monitor your payroll expenses in your FreshBooks account
Monitor your payroll expenses in your FreshBooks account

One of our most popular integrations is getting even better. We now support exporting payroll expenses to FreshBooks. In addition to importing the time your staff tracks in FreshBooks and its mobile apps, you can now see your detailed payroll costs as expenses in FreshBooks. If you’ve already activated FreshBooks for timesheet import, setting up expense import is very easy. Our online guide will walk you through the simple steps to setup the new integration.

We’ve also added a few new features requested by our community. As always – if you have a suggestion on how we can make your payroll better, please let us know.

The employee report which lists all your active and terminated staff has been improved. You can now perform ad hoc searches, filter out data you don’t need to see and even export the results to spreadsheets like Excel.

The business pro plan is also getting better. We’ve added a few great time-saving features that’ll make payroll processing even simpler for your organization:

Have a lot of employees and don’t want to re-enter all their data into your payroll profile? Now you can import employees via CSV file. This will save you time and ensure consistency when moving a larger number of staff members to PaymentEvolution Payroll.

Once you have these employees in the system, you can now assign a custom employee identifier as part of their profile. This secondary ID can be fully customized to match the employee IDs that you may use elsewhere in your business.

Lastly, you can now import timesheets via CSV file. If you have a timekeeping system or punch-clock style system to keep track of time that your staff have worked, this will allow you to import the hours without retyping. You’ll not only save time but will reduce errors attributed to manual data entry. No more expensive one-off custom integrations just to take advantage of your existing timekeeping systems – most systems will support sending data in CSV format which can easily be imported into your PaymentEvolution payruns.

Employee imports, custom employee numbers and timesheet imports are available with the business pro plan. Contact us to upgrade and activate these features.