Point of Sale integration from POS2Payroll

POS2Payroll and PaymentEvolution

If your business uses a point of sale system (POS) then you know how critical these are to your business. Most modern POS systems allow staff to log their working hours but then force you to manually re-key this information into your payroll system. Thanks to our friends at POS2Payroll you no longer have to worry about retyping this information. POS2Payroll integrates with your point of sale terminal  to extract employee time data for use in PaymentEvolution payroll. They integrate with a lot of systems including Aloha, Micros 3700, POSiTouch, Squirrel, QSR, Focus POS, PAR, Harbortouch and many more.

Our help article explains how the integration works and getting started is as easy as connecting with the folks at POS2Payroll. If you have a point of sale system, you’ll save time, avoid retyping errors and automate getting your payroll by using POS2Payroll.

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