Don’t think you need to sign up for a payroll service before the New Year? Actually, it’s the best time to make the switch!

Why? T4 season is just around the corner – why not automate the creation of these slips and electronically provide them to your staff? By switching today, you can still create your current year tax slips and get a jump on next year.

Getting your tax slips done is simple and fast. Create an account, and add your employees. When adding your employees, be sure to enter in their financial year to date (YTD) information. This information can be found on the employee’s most recent payslip and is the information used to generate a T4 slip. If you need to run another pay run this year – go ahead. The amount is automatically calculated and added into the financial YTD information for that employee. That means no more calculations at year-end.

Year End Summaries: Once you have completed your T4s, the CRA requires that you send your T4 Summary in (preferably electronically). PaymentEvolution provides you with this summary in a version ready for upload directly to the CRA website. Super simple – all at no extra charge.

Payslips and Tax slips: PayChequer is an online employee portal where your employee payslips and tax slips are automatically made available. Not only does this help save you time, but you no longer have to print any of these slips or even mail them out. It’s more secure than mail and gives your staff control over their own documents.

Payroll Calculations: Whether you’re paying just yourself or multiple employees you need to make sure your payroll calculations are accurate with the correct federal and provincial deductions. If they have been calculated incorrectly before you make the switch, PaymentEvolution payroll will typically catch the discrepancies and help make sure the proper amount has been remitted.

Direct Deposit: Why waste your time on issuing cheques when you can have your employees receive their funds directly? With ePay Direct Deposit you can
1. Pay your employees
2. Have PaymentEvolution remit to the CRA on your company’s behalf and
3. Pay your vendors electronically.
… all for less then the cost of a cheque.

Finally, switch now and have one less thing to worry about in the New Year. Focus your time and energy on building your business this New Year, not preparing your payroll.

Get started with payroll now or join the next PaymentEvolution payroll webinar to learn more.