Here’s a roundup of enhancements and improvements made to the PaymentEvolution service for October 2017.

If you have a suggestion, want to see something in a future update or provide some feedback, please get in touch.

Customizing payroll

You can now specify the industry for your organization. This is used to tailor your company’s payroll and will help ensure you get industry-specific tax and legislative updates for your profile.

Select the industry for your organization

Construction Contractor

A new employee type is now available – “Construction Contractor”. Select this employee type if your staff member is a contractor performing construction-related duties. Certain data fields (Date of Birth, TD1 exemptions etc.) which are not relevant will be removed. The profile will also be setup so certain year-end reports and slips will be generated for you.


The employee report has been enhanced to provide more custom reporting options. You can now select the fields to be shown on screen and through the XLS and PDF export options. Grouping, filtering and other advanced sorting capabilities are now available.

The pay run history report has also been enhanced to allow export to XLS and PDF formats.

Session integrity

Several enhancements have been made to the login session security.

For example, if you login to your profile and open a new tab or browser window to login in to another profile, your existing session will prompt you logout or change to read-only mode.


If you opt to continue in read-only mode, navigation and other links on the site will be disabled and you will see a banner “You are in Read-Only Mode”.


To enable full access, simply log into the account again.

If your session times out, the same prompt will be displayed allowing you read-only access or the opportunity to log back in.

If your session expires and you are prompted to log back in, you will now be taken back to the screen you were previously on.


Integration to Sage One Accounting is now available. Sage One is online accounting software that simplifies small business finances – quotes, invoices and expenses – now with Canada’s most loved payroll and payments from PaymentEvolution.