Welcoming new members into a family undoubtedly changes your personal and professional life in very significant ways. We hope that our government and workplaces will support us through these changes. The new 2018 Federal budget is indeed supporting working Canadians by allowing 5 additional weeks of parental leave to care for these new members of our families while our workplaces support us.

Unlike previous years which only allotted a total of 35 weeks of parental leave, the 2018 federal budget will now permit a total of 40 weeks. Parents can share this allotted time in various combinations, including an even share of the 40 weeks between parents or the allotment of the full 40 weeks to only one parent. Our Canadian government has given us more time for parenting and the independence to decide how that time might be shared.

No matter what option you or your employee might choose for parental leave, your PaymentEvolution account can create customized rules for your preferred arrangements. You can also add additional earnings for parental leave top-ups. All these features will create records for your reference when the customized rules and/or earnings are finalized during payroll. Our program also generates Records of Employment forms for online submission to Service Canada. This would be required in order to receive E.I. payments while on parental leave.

As per the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, change is the only constant. The 2018 Federal Budget holds true to this philosophy, introducing changes to parental leave for working Canadians. PaymentEvolution can accommodate many of those changes, acting as a self-service tool that can help your workplace and your government accommodate your ever-changing, dynamic lives.



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