The 2019 Canada Winter Games brings together some of Canada’s most aspiring athletes to compete in over 150 events from February 15 to March 3, 2019. The event will attract over 20,000 visitors to Red Deer, Alberta. PaymentEvolution is a proud supporter of the Canada Games and is working to ensure staff payments are on time and always accurate.

Team Nunavut celebrates historic win over Team Yukon at 2019 Canada Winter Games (Photo by Byron Hackett)

David Patterson, President and CEO of the Canada Games Council says, “PaymentEvolution – a fantastic payroll management solution that has streamlined that function in our business, given employees greater insight into their payroll and saved us money. No one wants to be preoccupied with payroll, and with PaymentEvolution we don’t have to worry about it – the platform manages it effectively, efficiently and silently.”

We’re excited to be part of this series of events and, along with our 20,000+ business clients across Canada, are cheering on these amazing athletes.

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