As a leader or a team member in your workplace, it’s important to show your staff and clients some appreciation. And, with the holidays being right around the corner, now more than ever is the best time to show it!

But, if you’re like most people, you might have left your holiday shopping to-do list until the last minute.

No worries, we’ve put together a last-minute gift guide filled with great gift ideas you can get your hands on as soon as possible – plus, your clients and staff members will absolutely love them!

Our last-minute gift guide is extra special because it comes with a Canadian twist. With all the unpredictability of 2020, we thought gifts for your Canadian employees, co-workers and clients should also be, well, Canadian. So this list includes gifts that will put your money back into Canada’s economy. After all, PayEvo is here to grow Canadian SMBs.

1 – Lamose – Bottles, Mugs, Tumbler

Why? Sleek, sophisticated double-wall stainless steel keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Your staff will love the fact that their morning Starbucks coffee will stay nice and toasty straight through to the afternoon.

About: In 2017 in Edmonton, engineers Chen and Leo hated it when their coffee got cold in 5 minutes, almost as much as they despised disposable cups and bottles. Hence, they decided to take matters into their own hands by creating the Lamose brand of mugs, tumblers, and bottles.

Price: $22.95 and up

2 – Matcha Mint / Vegan All-Natural Body Butter

Why? It’s Canadian-made, 100% all natural, fragrance-free, eco-friendly and vegan. This is the perfect gift for the health-conscious, eco-friendly staff member in your company!

About: In 2013 Jessica McNeil and Kiersten Hanly from Cape Breton Nova Scotia one day decided to try something interesting. They put together ingredients they found in their homegrown garden, mixed together a bit of sea salt and olive oil, along with some fresh fruits, and… voila. A 100% all-natural eco-friendly skincare product was born.

Price: $33.99

3 – You + Me Candles – Forest Illusions

Why? A great gift for the office couple who want to set a mood for themselves during the holidays. Have them feeling lost with a little seasonal glow and the heady aroma of cranberry, birchwood, greenery spice, and citrus.

About:  In Vancouver, B.C., Patty Abbott (the founder of You + Me Candles) found out that her partner was diagnosed with ALS. In hopes of clearing harmful air toxins and aid in her partner’s health, she’s been on the hunt to find a clean-burning candle. It’s through this passion for finding the right candle You + Me Candles was born.

Unlike the candles she’d burned most of her life, You + Me Candles are made with apricot and coconut wax (not petroleum) and all-cotton wicks (no lead).

Price: $16.00

4 – eGift Card

Why? It doesn’t get any easier than ordering an eGift card and your employees and clients get to pick their own gifts. You know they’ll use it to get what they want – your gift won’t be regifted, stashed in a closet or end up in the garbage. Yay!

About: Amazon did all the thinking for you with a variety of card styles and dollar amounts for purchase.

Price: Your choice

5 – I Survived the Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 Christmas Ornament

Why? Yeah, I don’t think we need to explain ourselves here.

Price: Options priced at $13.99, $15.99 and $19.23

6 – Best Client Ever Mug

Why?  If you have a client that makes your day and your business better – let them know. They’ll appreciate it as much as you appreciate them.

Price:  $18.59


We hope these gift ideas spark some inspiration for your last-minute holiday shopping! And remember to support Canadian small and mid-sized businesses every chance you get!

But, again, hurry! The holidays are fast approaching!