PaymentEvolution, Canada’s most loved payroll, benefits management, and HR service, is now fully integrated with Oracle NetSuite!

This frictionless two-way integration allows business owners like you to streamline HR and payroll processes while keeping your finances in order.

PaymentEvolution’s Payroll service calculates net-to-gross pay, tracks all remittances, and automates payments to staff, vendors, and government authorities. PaymentEvolution Payroll service integrates with your NetSuite general ledger, allocating your payroll burdens accurately. 

Furthermore, Canadian payroll by PaymentEvolution also integrates with SuitePeople for seamless employee management and single-entry of key employee data.

What Are the Benefits of the Integration?

Launched directly from your Netsuite profile, setting up the Oracle Netsuite integration with PaymentEvolution services is quick and easy.

Linking your services takes less than 5 minutes. Once you are all set up, you will be able to simplify all of your back-office processes across the board, from HR to Payroll.

Built for Finance and HR

Our new two-way integration allows business owners to synchronize employee details so that HR and team leaders can onboard employees easily, or process payroll for your Canadian staff and have payroll costs accurately allocated back to NetSuite financials. 

Finally, finance and HR leaders have a simple, all-encompassing tool for all of their back office needs. 

Manage Employee Records, Benefits and Payroll

PaymentEvolution’s payroll and HR software integration with SuitePeople is built for businesses just like yours. With this integration, you will be able to easily create and manage employee records, track vacation time, and manage compliance with tax and employment legislation across all Canadian provinces and territories.

Integrated Payments

PaymentEvolution provides fully integrated payments – so employees are able to receive direct deposits in the account of their choice. All Canadian banks and credit unions are supported.

Proudly Canadian

PaymentEvolution was founded in Canada with the mission to serve growing Canadian businesses like yours.  We pioneered many of the innovations in the industry – from employee self-service to wages-on-demand. We believe that small businesses too, should have access to enterprise-level tools, at an affordable price point.

Sign up today from within your NetSuite account and join thousands of satisfied clients!