The Small & Medium-Sized Business Guide to Employee Benefits in Canada

Can you relate…?  “Some of our best job candidates sign with our competitors because we don’t offer benefits and, in the long term, this will affect our company’s success. To attract and keep great employees – we need a competitive benefits package/program! Where do I start?” The Statistic You MUST […]

Why Your Employee Benefits Should Include Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Helps Improve Employee Retention and Health For some business owners, adding pet insurance to their employee benefits may be a bit out there. But with 15% of employers in the U.S. now offering pet insurance benefits, many employees may be wondering why it’s taken so doggone long to […]

California Moves to Protect Gig Contractor Employee Benefits. Is Canada Next?

Classifying Independent Contractors Correctly Key to Avoiding CRA Penalties A sweeping move came to the gig contractor economy in California on Sept. 18 – one that could have major implications to the pay and benefits of independent contractors across the U.S. and beyond. In a bold move, California Governor Gavin […]

How to Improve Summer Productivity with Your Employee Benefits Plan

Focusing on Overall Benefits Plan Key to Morale in the Warmer Months Picture this: the sun is shining – you’re on a beach in Hawaii, drink in hand, soaking up the good life. And then, in a single swoop of an email ping, you’re awoken from your glorious daydream-slumber by […]

How to Prevent Employee Benefits Fraud: A Lesson from Baycrest

Auditing, Education the Key to Safeguarding Against Benefits Fraud After reports of 150 employees being fired or quit over an alleged multimillion-dollar benefits fraud at Baycrest, a prominent Toronto geriatric facility, the first question that often comes to mind is ‘why?’. But for business owners concerned that such an employee […]

Are Employee Benefits Worth It?

Placing a value on something intangible like employee benefits can be challenging. Depending on what type of benefits are offered, certain benefits can be more valuable to some employees while different benefits are of more value to others. For the sake of argument, let’s consider a standard employee benefits package. A typical […]

3 Reasons Why Employee Benefits Can Help Your Growing Business

If you are starting a new business, or currently working on growing an existing business, you may be considering offering employee benefits to your staff. Of course, the bottom line for your business is to turn a profit while offering useful products and services to your customers. Good business sense […]