Rage Applying: The Proven Signs of Toxic Work Environments

The pandemic has brought about many changes in the workplace, and one of the latest trends is rage applying. This phenomenon involves gen z and millennials applying to multiple jobs to escape their toxic work environments.   Rage applying has recently gone viral, following in the footsteps of quiet quitting […]

Five Ways to Increase Diversity and Inclusivity

It’s true — diversity in the workplace is a complex topic. But there’s one key fact that cuts through the noise: a diverse workplace is a productive workplace. The research exists: diverse companies outperform their counterparts in innovation and productivity. Another study from 2017 found that companies with diverse management […]

Improved Employee Management Experience

Managing team members in your PayEvo service is now dramatically easier. From employee onboarding to automated records of employment, this update includes the top requested features from businesses like yours. When redesigning Canada’s most loved payroll, benefits management, and HR service – we set the bar very high. Thousands of […]

Concerned About the Cost of Benefits?

Is it time to start looking for a benefits plan for your employee(s), but you find yourself concerned about the cost of benefits?  Today’s group benefits are all about choice and flexibility. Benefits providers are aware of this, and putting together a suitable plan to fit your budget has never […]

Reopening Your Business: Supporting Your Employees

Making the shift from remote work back to a physical workplace may be a source of anxiety for employees and employers alike. What will the new work environment look like? And how will workers be kept safe from COVID-19?  Part of Canada’s economic recovery involves returning to physical workspaces. Safely […]

Life Insurance as an Asset Class

When considering your business assets, you might start with the obvious: the physical location of your business, the product or services you sell, and the tools and equipment that you use.  With that said, there may be other asset classes that your business may be overlooking, life insurance being one […]

Hiring Your First Employee – Skill Development and Employment Standards

A big part of being a great employer is making sure your employees are continually learning and growing; it benefits them and benefits the company at large.  So how can you ensure that your new employees stay on the right track months down the road?  Creating an employee development plan […]