5 Ways To Set Your Startup For Success

After roaming the internet, entrepreneurial brains, and referencing PaymentEvolution’s own history for start-up tips, we compiled a list of the 5 most popular suggestions for start-up success below. Number one on our list is ….   Benefit from Employee benefits Your employees want benefits. It is one of the best […]

How Benefits Can Help You Obtain (and retain) High Quality Employees

It’s a work perk that every employee looks for: benefits. Workers that are ready for a long-term commitment want to know that the business they are invested in, is invested in them too. Employees that feel cared for are loyal and will create teams of high productivity and excellent morale. […]

CPP and Employee Retirement – What Every Employer Should Consider

CPP and Employee Retirement – What Every Employer Should Consider | Daniel Wolfson, B.Sc. CHS On June 20, 2016, the federal and provincial finance ministers excluding Manitoba and Quebec reached an agreement for the expansion of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). While the details are clearly outlined in an article […]

Recruiting? Benefits can Benefit You

My dad was a dentist. When he went to school they taught him a great deal about how to be an oral healthcare professional, not how to run a small business. Over time he found success in recruiting a successful team of committed individuals. Recruiting and selecting these individuals seemed […]

Holiday Bonuses and Gifts

Gift giving season is here – where employers are looking for ways to make their employees happy and employees are waiting anxiously to see how the year closes for them. Every business is looking for a way to reduce their taxes and show their employees a little appreciation for their […]

Providing benefits to your staff just got easier

Recently we polled over 10,000 Canadian small businesses and asked them if they provided health and dental benefits to their staff. Giving employees access to these services certainly seems like an obvious way to attract and retain great people. In fact, the majority of employees would prefer working for a […]

Beyond the Pay Cheque – Employee Incentives

For businesses of any size, finding the right combination of incentives and compensation is difficult. Different employees are motivated by different incentives. For example, the cash bonus that one employee values may be of little interest to another who prefers a few more days off. Gift cards, dinners and other […]

Dental Payroll for your Growing Practice

As part of the Ontario Dental Association’s recent Annual Spring Meeting, we launched payroll services specifically for dental practices. Whether you are just opening your own clinic or are just looking to more effectively pay your staff, PaymentEvolution’s cloud-based payroll service for Canadian dentists will make payroll worry-free and cost […]