Capacity for More Billable Hours

As you take on additional team members or larger bookkeeping tasks as your business expands, necessary tasks like payroll and filling various tax forms can consume a lot of time and impede on the goals that you would like to work towards as a business owner.  Although it is an […]

Hiring Your First Employee – Employee or Independent Contractor?

It might have started small, but your business is now growing. And after careful consideration, you’ve decided that it’s time to expand your team.  But what kind of worker is right for your business? Should you hire an employee as part of your company, or would a gig worker (also […]

B2B Payments: 5 Benefits of Making Business Payments Electronically

Making Payments Electronically Improves Cash Flow, Saves Time As a small business owner, you may take a lot of pride in signing cheques to make B2B payments. Especially so if you sign your name on cheques in an over-the-top, illegible cursive fashion like a pro hockey player while you pretend […]

Remittances: Send Them Away to the CRA

Annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly, We love it when you close on time. 5 days prior, please end your period promptly, And we’ll send the funds over, down to the last dime.   Remittances are a task that all business owners have to endure. No matter how big or small your […]

How To Pay Your Vendor Without Issuing A Cheque

Think of the time you last received a cheque. Sure it’s exciting to receive money, but the process involved with actually obtaining the money- well that’s a whole other story. First, you need to wait to receive the cheque in the mail. Then, once you receive it you need to […]

Introducing Business Payments

At PaymentEvolution we’re always looking for ways to streamline and make your workplace more efficient. We started off with integrated payroll, making it easy to track and pay your employees all through ePay. Your employees are able to access their payslips and year-end tax slips (T4, T4A, RL1) online through Paychequer – your […]

The cheque is (NOT) in the mail

Avoid problems mailing cheques Canada Post recently announced its intention to phase out door-to-door delivery of mail. If you are still printing and mailing cheques, now is the time to switch to electronic payments. Your employees will appreciate the convenience and security of receiving their pay electronically. They’ll save a […]

Faster electronic payments

We’ve introduced faster electronic payment processing Finish your payroll on Monday, staff get paid that Friday You asked, we listened: You can now process payroll by NoonET Mondays and still have your staff paid that week on Friday. We’ve shortened the payment processing window to so you can now process payroll the […]

The magical net pay button

Have you ever needed to pay an employee an exact amount but were never sure what the true taxable amount would be? It’s easy now with PaymentEvolution’s new “net pay” calculator. You can easily calculate one time payments or use the calculator to determine the “gross-up” amount you need to […]