Master Bookkeeping in 2023: 7 Powerful Steps to Ensure Business Success

Introduction Running a business is like navigating a maze. And in this maze, bookkeeping is one of those secret, hidden keys. Sure, it sounds like a lot of paperwork (because it is!), but it’s also a goldmine. It’s the secret sauce that gives you control over your business’s money. This […]

Evolv: The Secret Growth Weapon for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Understanding the complex needs of accounting professionals, PaymentEvolution has introduced Evolv, the first cloud-based client management platform specifically designed for accounting professionals and bookkeepers. Evolv is a robust tool that enables users to manage payroll, benefits, HR, and payment services for multiple clients within a single platform. It is designed […]

Electronic Distribution of T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid (aka T4 Slips)

The 2017 Federal Budget proposes to allow employers to issue electronic versions of T4 slips to employees.  We’ll explain the Budget announcement and its goal to reduce the administrative burden for employers.  The changes specifically impact electronic issuance of T4 Statement of Remuneration paid slips, not other types of slips […]

Enhancing shared access and general ledger exports

We’ve updated one of our most popular features – shared access – to include a new type of role, the timesheet manager. Shared access can be used to delegate certain payroll functions to others in your organization. The new timesheet manager role is focused on processing payroll for time-based staff. You may […]

Dynamic reports, importing time-sheets, custom general ledger codes and more

We’ve added several enhancements to your payroll service to make it even easier to use. If you use a third-party timekeeping system, you can now import your time records using a comma or tab separated file (CSV). If your bookkeeping service uses alphanumeric general ledger codes (like some instances of […]