Meet the team behind Canada’s first Offboarding Assistant

It’s rare to create something unique in the tech sector – something with no groundwork or infrastructure to guide you.  But when they started developing the Offboarding Assistant, that’s precisely what Annabelle Sauve, Katie Van Luven and Dr. Raj Singh’s lab in the Dept. of Cognitive Science at Carleton University […]

Four-Day Workweek: 10 Complete Advantages in Canada with PaymentEvolution

Understanding the Four-Day Workweek The concept of a four-day workweek is gaining traction across Canada, with a recent study showing that 9 out of 10 Canadians are interested in this new work model. PaymentEvolution is at the forefront of this discussion, providing insights and solutions to businesses navigating this potential […]

Worried About Age Diversity? Get Comfortable With the ‘Curse of 35’

Explore the significance of age diversity in the workforce with our blog post, ‘Age Diversity and Job Market Realities: The Concept of the ‘Curse of 35′.’ Learn about this emerging trend and its impact on employees and employers alike. Understand how age-inclusivity, fair compensation, and equal opportunities can promote a more equitable work environment. Also, discover how payroll software can be instrumental in fostering this age inclusivity.

Introducing Canada’s First Offboarding Assistant

Have you ever read your province’s employment standards legislation? Cover-to-cover, all 100-plus sections? These regulations bind every business in the country, but how many owners understand the contents?    A couple of years ago, we began hearing from our clients that ESA compliance had become increasingly challenging. So, we did some […]

Five Ways to Increase Diversity and Inclusivity

It’s true — diversity in the workplace is a complex topic. But there’s one key fact that cuts through the noise: a diverse workplace is a productive workplace. The research exists: diverse companies outperform their counterparts in innovation and productivity. Another study from 2017 found that companies with diverse management […]

Jasey-Jay Anderson: Three Secrets for Olympic Gold, and a Successful Business. 

Canadian snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist Jasey-Jay Anderson is turning his passion for competition into a business.  Jasey-Jay Anderson spoke with our team at PaymentEvolution to provide insights on winning and achievement on an Olympic scale. Anderson is no stranger to success—the athlete remains Canada’s most decorated snowboarder, having won […]

Improved Employee Management Experience

Managing team members in your PayEvo service is now dramatically easier. From employee onboarding to automated records of employment, this update includes the top requested features from businesses like yours. When redesigning Canada’s most loved payroll, benefits management, and HR service – we set the bar very high. Thousands of […]

Reopening Your Business: Supporting Your Employees

Making the shift from remote work back to a physical workplace may be a source of anxiety for employees and employers alike. What will the new work environment look like? And how will workers be kept safe from COVID-19?  Part of Canada’s economic recovery involves returning to physical workspaces. Safely […]