5 Reasons to Definitely, For Sure Not Add Freelance Contractors to Your Payroll

Warning: Freelance Contractors May Add Efficiency, Expert Skills, Cost Savings Freelancers, contractors, gig workers – whatever you call them, they’re nothin’ but trouble. (You can take our very, super serious word for it.) While the benefits of adding freelance contractors to your payroll has been unanimously agreed upon by nearly […]

Paying Promptly? 5 Must-Know Legal Changes to Contractor Payments

Ontario, British Columba Leading Prompt-Payment Progression in Canada On the heels of British Columbia introducing legislation last month setting deadlines for companies to pay contractors, sweeping changes to how contractor payments are made continues to be a key issue. For business owners, payroll, and accountants, this means important new payment […]

The Benefits Of Direct Deposit For Your Business And Employees

  Direct Deposit is now the preferred method of payment thanks to its security and convenience. Direct deposits leave electronic traces for your and your employees’ reference. They are fast, cheap, paperless and incredibly convenient. As a business owner, you are able to fully manage your cash flow by knowing […]

Remittances: Send Them Away to the CRA

Annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly, We love it when you close on time. 5 days prior, please end your period promptly, And we’ll send the funds over, down to the last dime.   Remittances are a task that all business owners have to endure. No matter how big or small your […]

5 Ways Payroll Can Increase Your Company’s Productivity This Year

Welcome, 2018. The year of change, the year of implementation, the year of growth. There are many programs and software out there that are made to help make your life easier, but which ones will really benefit your business? I’m sure the lists are endless but why not start with […]

Paying Your Nanny: What You Need To Know

When hiring a nanny, every situation is unique. The real question is, are you paying your nanny correctly? Here are a few things you need to do and consider when hiring a nanny: Step 1: The Details It’s important to get the details right. How are you going about hiring […]

What is ePay Direct Deposit?

Do you find issuing a cheque to be quite a drag? From stuffing the envelope to purchasing the stamp and then finally making the trip to the mailbox can take a ton of unnecessary time. Oh, if only there was a way to simplify this process! There is! (Like you didn’t […]