Should I Integrate With Accounting Software?

OK, the question may read as “should I spend more money?” But really, it’s not about trying to sell you more software! Let’s talk about why accounting software will be useful and how it will save money in the long run. To answer the original question “should I?” The answer is YES! For […]

Recruiting? Benefits can Benefit You

My dad was a dentist. When he went to school they taught him a great deal about how to be an oral healthcare professional, not how to run a small business. Over time he found success in recruiting a successful team of committed individuals. Recruiting and selecting these individuals seemed […]

Tax Season – Frequently Asked Questions

As tax season approaches, my colleagues and I are always shocked by how quickly the Summer and Fall passed us by, bringing us closer to “that time of the year” again. This year is no different.  We’re in mid-February and the rush has slowly started.  Lots on the go – […]

5 Tips to Make Tax Season More Bearable For Your Business

Collect your receipts: With today’s cloud technology expense receipts can be collected immediately By using something as simple as a shared email or even shared folders, you can instantly provide these items to your accountant.  Importantly, as you incur tax deductible expenses, your accountant can use them to reduce the mad scramble during […]