Chequer: Your One-Stop Shop for Financial Empowerment

Welcome to Chequer by PayEvo, the app that’s revolutionizing how teams manage their finances, schedules, and tasks. This isn’t just an app; it’s a movement towards financial empowerment and operational efficiency. Ready to cheque it out? Let’s dive in! Features That Make Chequer Stand Out Why TimeTracker is Essential There […]

Quickly Hire Your First Employee: Create a Job Posting  

So you’ve prepped and thought hard about what your business needs from its first employee.  Now you’re ready to start the search for the right candidate. What should you be looking for? And where should you start? This step will help clarify what you need, and it’s one of the […]

Hiring Your First Employee: 6 Easy-to-Use Steps

Is your small business at the tipping point where an extra set of hands could make all the difference? Hiring your first employee is a significant milestone, signalling growth and opportunity. However, this step comes with new responsibilities and considerations. This guide will walk you through the crucial aspects you […]

Effortlessly Register for Your CRA Payroll Account in 2023: Expert Advice

The CRA payroll account is a crucial tool for business owners in Canada who want to pay employees or themselves. Business owners need to register for a payroll account to deduct and submit their payroll remittances to the Canadian Revenue Agency. Thankfully, our team of payroll experts here at PayEvo […]

Labour Day Pay in Canada 2023: Your Comprehensive Guide to Statutory Holiday Pay

Unlock the secrets to navigating Labour Day pay in Canada with our comprehensive guide. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we’ve got you covered with eligibility criteria, calculation methods, and real-world examples. Plus, get quick results with our free online stat holiday calculator. Make this Labour Day a breeze!

API Overview

Welcome to the Payment Evolution API documentation. This guide provides comprehensive information on integrating with Payment Evolution’s services to enable seamless payment processing and management within your applications.