Just 6 short years ago, on April 13, 2010 we launched PaymentEvolution with a vision to help small business owners and their staff greatly simplify complex back office work like payroll. We didn’t know it then, but we kicked off a wave of innovation in an industry that measured progress in decades not weeks.

As Canada’s first true cloud payroll service we helped small business owners in every province and territory finally get a handle on paying their staff.

A look back to April 2010


We launched on April 13, 2010


Shortly thereafter we launched PayChequer – enabling employees full and unfettered access to their pay history. Soon we saw business owners in every province and territory free themselves from clunky desktop software. We estimated that the average business owner saved 5-10 hours of administration every month paying their staff through PaymentEvolution.

Making the payroll process even simpler was our focus so we incorporated full electronic payments with our ePay service just a few months later. We democratized access to direct deposit services and in so doing, we saved business owners thousands of dollars in fees.

We then tackled payroll and accounting integration. By connecting QuickBooks, Xero, Kashoo and others, entrepreneurs could finally get a full picture of their finances and better plan their cashflow.

By 2014, over 7,000 businesses had discovered how easy it was to get their staff and contractors paid. That year we launched our Business Payments service which brought end-to-end electronic payments to vendors, suppliers and anyone else who needed an invoice paid.

Toward the end of last year we worked with the insurance industry to bring health and dental benefits to folks who never qualified before. On-demand workers, freelancers and contractors could finally get affordable coverage for themselves and their families.


Today we’re honoured to have over 12,000 amazing companies like yours on the PaymentEvolution platform. We’re continuing to innovate to make payroll, payments and benefits so simple that you can focus on growing your company. Thanks for an incredible 6 years and for being part of this journey!



  • Sam Vassa

    With a passion for technology, Sam looks for ways to help small companies to compete and save money. He's worked in Foreign Affairs for the Government of Canada, geeked out at Digital Equipment Corp and hung out at Microsoft. He founded PaymentEvolution.com to help businesses like yours.