Time Data Helps Business Owners Identify Issues, Enhance Efficiency

How time clock software helps improve productivity and attendance

With the new schoolyear in full swing, teachers across the country track attendance each day to make sure little Janey and Johnny aren’t off on a Ferris Bueller-style Ferrari joyride somewhere.

But in the business world, it’s not teachers who track attendance, of course – it’s HR and management.

While the idea of blue-collar employees physically punching in and punching out on a time clock comes to mind with tracking, the same principle holds true for modern-day white-collar office jobs as well.

Businesses, of course, have evolved over time, with time clock- and attendance-tracking software now available to improve productivity and efficiencies – putting the archaic punch clock largely in the past.

Still, many businesses have yet to make the jump. Here’s a few of the leading benefits why they should.

Keep Better Track of How Employees Spend their Time

Knowing how employees spend their time is valuable to any business.

Oftentimes, employees work too much or in the wrong ways – causing costly health problems in the worst case or in a best-case scenario greatly affecting their productivity. In May, the European Union passed legislation to counteract such a thing by forcing employers to track time. While it’s not required in North America, being ahead of the curve could help a business gain an edge in the marketplace.

On the other hand, having employees on a time clock allows you to keep them on schedule by enabling them to take ownership of their work while monitoring where a task or project stands up to the minute.

Help Easily Identify Attendance Issues

When there’s time clock software tracking you, it’s hard to hide poor attendance.

Using time- and attendance-tracking software helps business owners, managers, and HR quickly identify potential issues and, in some cases, ensure work hours are not being misused.

Time Data Helps to Analyze & Improve Productivity

On a strategy level, data from time clock software enables continuous improvement.

When reviewing where hours are logged and for what task, you can see which areas of a task or project your team members are struggling with and implement processes to adjust and improve as needed.

Tracking Improves Motivation & Self-Discipline

Give someone a challenge and they’ll usually rise up to it.

Time track software allows your team to monitor their own performance – taking personal accountability for how much they accomplish on each task or project, and how quickly.

From there, they can see in real time how their performance is shaping up, helping motivate them to beat their previous time, all while racing to keep up with the next tasks in the queue.

Allows Business Owners to Implement Only Necessary Tech

With IT spending expected to hit $3.8 trillion this year, the allure for business owners to constantly be on the lookout for new technology to enhance workflows is no secret.

What better way to assess which technologies work best within your business than using a time tracking software to analyze how your employees spend their days, and then determining the cost-benefit to introducing a new technology to enhance efficiencies.

Ensure Employees Get Paid Properly, Owners Maintain Compliance

Perhaps most importantly, tracking employee time electronically helps ensure businesses never over- or under-pay an employee, avoiding costly compliance penalties.

Best of all, leading time clock- and attendance-tracking software like Synerion Agile Workforce can be integrated into your payroll software seamlessly to simplify electronic payroll operations even further.

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