How to Navigate Non-Taxable and Taxable Benefits in Canada: The Cheat Sheet

It’s time to talk about the ever-changing rules around non-taxable and taxable benefits in Canada. As we’ve mentioned before, benefits are a fantastic and affordable way to attract, retain and reward the best talent. But we also know they’re not always straightforward – especially for small businesses. Generally, if you […]

Rage Applying: The Proven Signs of Toxic Work Environments

The pandemic has brought about many changes in the workplace, and one of the latest trends is rage applying. This phenomenon involves gen z and millennials applying to multiple jobs to escape their toxic work environments.   Rage applying has recently gone viral, following in the footsteps of quiet quitting […]

Financial Fitness: Employer’s Guide to a Financially Savvy Team

Canadians aren’t practicing financial fitness. It’s not their fault – transportation, mortgages and food costs have fallen victim to inflation at a year-over-year increase of 6.3 per cent in December 2022. And 47 per cent of Canadians said they have found themselves purchasing cheaper alternatives, brands or items. Meanwhile, over the […]

How to Harness the HSA – The Complete Employer’s Guide

We’ve talked previously about the importance of offering benefits to your employees. Attract, retain, reward – that’s the name of the game. We also know what it’s like to be locked into a one-size-fits-all health benefits plan: they’re rigid, you don’t have complete control over your budget, and you might […]

How to Leverage a Group RRSP – The Complete Employer’s Guide

It’s time to talk about employee benefits – specifically, the group RRSP (registered retirement savings plan). You’re probably familiar with regular RRSPs – a tax-deductible retirement plan to which you and your spouse contribute.   As an employer, you can offer group RRSPs to your employees. So how does it […]

What is ePayroll: Examining the early stage of Canada’s ePayroll project

In the 2021 Federal Budget, the government set aside $43.9 million over three years for the first phase of the ePayroll project.   The project aims to revamp how government agencies collect Canadian employers’ payroll, employment and demographic information. Currently, the project is in its nascent stage — the CRA is […]

6 Year-End Payroll Tips for Canadian Small Business Owners

It’s that most wonderful time of the year – you’re ushering in the new year and now have to think about year-end payroll, remittances and tax documents.   OK, we may have oversold it a bit. Year end can be stressful for business owners, bookkeepers and accountants – especially if this […]

How to Handle Employee Resignations

It’s an unfortunate reality of business ownership: eventually, one of your employees will quit. Probably more than one. And this reality isn’t changing; an ADP survey from July 2022 found that 24 per cent of Canadian workers recently changed jobs. Plus, the percentage of retiring workers in Canada has grown […]

Five Ways to Increase Diversity and Inclusivity

It’s true — diversity in the workplace is a complex topic. But there’s one key fact that cuts through the noise: a diverse workplace is a productive workplace. The research exists: diverse companies outperform their counterparts in innovation and productivity. Another study from 2017 found that companies with diverse management […]