Paying Promptly? 5 Must-Know Legal Changes to Contractor Payments

Ontario, British Columba Leading Prompt-Payment Progression in Canada On the heels of British Columbia introducing legislation last month setting deadlines for companies to pay contractors, sweeping changes to how contractor payments are made continues to be a key issue. For business owners, payroll, and accountants, this means important new payment […]

Compare your pay to Kawhi Leonard from the Toronto Raptors

Star players from sports teams command big payouts. Determining after tax income isn’t hard with tools like PaymentEvolution’s free Payroll Calculator. How does your pay compare to Kawhi Leonard from the Toronto Raptors? Kawhi played basketball for seven seasons with the San Antonio Spurs and was traded to the Toronto […]

Canada Games 2019

PaymentEvolution – a fantastic payroll management solution that has streamlined that function in our business, given employees greater insight into their payroll and saved us money.

Are Employee Benefits Worth It?

Placing a value on something intangible like employee benefits can be challenging. Depending on what type of benefits are offered, certain benefits can be more valuable to some employees while different benefits are of more value to others. For the sake of argument, let’s consider a standard employee benefits package. A typical […]

3 Reasons Why Employee Benefits Can Help Your Growing Business

If you are starting a new business, or currently working on growing an existing business, you may be considering offering employee benefits to your staff. Of course, the bottom line for your business is to turn a profit while offering useful products and services to your customers. Good business sense […]

Payroll + Banking now integrated

PaymentEvolution announces the launch of Small Business Payroll with Central 1 empowering Canadian businesses with integrated banking, payroll and employee management. Central 1 is Canada’s leading digital banking and payments provider for credit unions and financial institutions. Central 1 will make the easy-to-use payroll solution available to thousands of Canadian business owners. Currently, […]

5 Ways To Set Your Startup For Success

After roaming the internet, entrepreneurial brains, and referencing PaymentEvolution’s own history for start-up tips, we compiled a list of the 5 most popular suggestions for start-up success below. Number one on our list is ….   Benefit from Employee benefits Your employees want benefits. It is one of the best […]