How Do We Go Back?

Returning to work during a pandemic.  As we begin contemplating the new normal brought on by the realities of COVID-19, small and mid-sized businesses must navigate the unknown. But you’re not alone. PaymentEvolution is here with you and for you. We’re a Canadian SMB just like you and we want […]

Workplace Wellness In A Pandemic

This week will see a number of restrictions, put in place due to COVID-19, lifted in communities across Canada. We remain in a time of transition and unknowns. From front-line workers to small business owners, we are all doing our part to support ourselves and each other through this pandemic. […]

WSIB Entitlements During COVID-19 – Your Questions, Our Answers

Ontario WSIB entitlements have changed in light of COVID-19. We’ve received your questions and want to give you access to answers right here. If you want to know more, General Information While WSIB offices are closed during the mandatory shut down, staff remain available to help manage new claims and […]

Layoffs During The COVID-19 Crisis

What Small Business Owners Need To Know Across Canada, employers are facing the tough reality of staff layoffs due to the COVID-19 crisis. Some businesses have had to slow down operations dramatically and others have completely ceased operations for the foreseeable future. Either way, cutting staff due to COVID19 is […]

COVID-19 Checklist for Employers

As a business owner and leader, your employees are looking to you for direction and guidance, especially in times of uncertainty. The current COVID-19 pandemic and regional crisis is one of those times. This is a time for leaders to be “born” and realized. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) is […]

5 Payroll & HR Impacts of Coronavirus on Canadian Small Businesses

Paid Vacation Changes, HR Policies Among Areas Affected by the Growing Outbreak Small business owners aren’t known to panic in uncertain times – but they do like to be prepared. While large Canadian companies dealing with the coronavirus outbreak have had to cancel international trips, withstand the stock market falling, […]