Paying Promptly? 5 Must-Know Legal Changes to Contractor Payments

Ontario, British Columba Leading Prompt-Payment Progression in Canada On the heels of British Columbia introducing legislation last month setting deadlines for companies to pay contractors, sweeping changes to how contractor payments are made continues to be a key issue. For business owners, payroll, and accountants, this means important new payment […]

Integration with QuickBooks Online

We’re pleased to introduce our newest add-on partner, Intuit’s QuickBooks Online. With QBO and PaymentEvolution you can pay your staff using Canada’s most loved cloud payroll serviceĀ and pay any open invoice electronically. QBO supports PaymentEvolution Payroll as well as Business Payments – the most efficient way to pay your staff […]

Integration with QuickBooks (desktop)

We’re pleased to introduce integration with Intuit QuickBooks in our latest release. We now provide full online payroll services to QuickBooks desktop users. By processing your payroll online with PaymentEvolution, you’ll have always up-to-date calculations without worrying about patching and updating. And, as many of our beta clients have pointed […]