What Human Resources Can Learn from Kobe Bryant

Creating an Organizational Culture of Excellence Key to Business Success Black Mamba. Kobe Wan Kenobi. KB24. Whatever you call him, Kobe Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter crash with his daughter and seven others, wasn’t only a Jedi Master on the court – he was an organizational wizard off […]

4 Payroll Lessons to Learn from the Toronto Maple Leafs

Missing Deadlines, Inadequate Backup Among Team’s Mistakes Without top-shelf payroll, most companies can get skated out of the building by their competition. From utilizing a secure and cost-effective online payroll system and conducting regular audits, to automating processes and improving employee engagement and retention, having an efficient payroll system can […]

7 Scary Payroll Nightmares to Avoid this Halloween

Non-Compliance, Outdated Payroll Solutions Can Lead to Spooky Outcomes Amidst the Halloween office backdrop of fake pumpkins, spider webs, and maybe even a witch or two, it can be easy to lose sight of the biggest goblin lurking in the boardroom: scary payroll issues. While the payroll issues your business […]

3 Reasons Why Employee Benefits Can Help Your Growing Business

If you are starting a new business, or currently working on growing an existing business, you may be considering offering employee benefits to your staff. Of course, the bottom line for your business is to turn a profit while offering useful products and services to your customers. Good business sense […]

The New Workplace

Thank yo, Google! While you weren’t the first, you’ve certainly popularized fun work environments. The word has spread, and at many companies the 9-to-5 cubicle is a thing of the past. Most employees will tell you it is for the better – but how do you offer a great environment […]

Small Business and Payroll – things you should know

Payroll – a word that usually increases stress levels for the small business owner. After all, a small business is focused on keeping customers happy, managing staff and finding new clients. And as an entrepreneur, all you really want is a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re employing one or 50 […]