Understanding the complex needs of accounting professionals, PaymentEvolution has introduced Evolv, the first cloud-based client management platform specifically designed for accounting professionals and bookkeepers. Evolv is a robust tool that enables users to manage payroll, benefits, HR, and payment services for multiple clients within a single platform. It is designed to streamline workflows, automate processes, increase efficiency and profitability, and enhance client relationships. 

Unpacking the Benefits of Evolv  

Streamline Workflows and Save Time and Money 

Evolv is designed to offer a comprehensive, integrated solution, eliminating the need for multiple software platforms and reducing data entry errors. Accessible from any device, it allows seamless integration with leading Canadian accounting software such as FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Kashoo, Sage, and Xero. Additionally, users benefit from the assistance of a dedicated and friendly support team, ready to help with any issue or query. 

Evolv offers extensive integrations with major accounting software to boost productivity, efficiency, and consequently profitability. Business payments are simplified, and benefit enrollment becomes a breeze, providing instant quotes from Canada’s top carriers. Evolv even simplifies the creation of T4’s, T4A’s, and ROE’s.  

The Evolv dashboard enhances accuracy and efficiency within your firm. Automating the filing of source deduction remittances to CRA and Revenu Quebec for all clients is a breeze. The platform streamlines the payroll process, allowing focus on critical elements like client care, time, and firm profitability. 

Beyond being just a payroll tool, Evolv provides always accurate payroll calculations, facilitates direct deposits, handles business payments, manages benefits enrollment, and benefit management. All these features are neatly packed and automatically in sync in one place.

Increase Your Revenue 

Evolv is not only a tool that saves you time and improves efficiency; it’s also a strategic partner in boosting your business’s revenue. By leveraging the extensive capabilities of Evolv, you can enhance your service offerings to attract new clients while also providing additional value to your existing ones. 

One way to enhance your services is through our integrated payroll service that communicates directly with Revenue Canada. This connection allows for easy creation and filing of essential documents such as T4s, T4As, and ROEs online. For instance, when year-end comes around, Evolv’s tax filing tool will help you prepare year-end documents like T4, RL-1 and T4A slips for all your clients. It also syncs with your calendar and email, so you can schedule appointments and send invoices directly from the software 

By simplifying these often-complex processes, you can offer a more comprehensive service package to your clients, increasing the potential for both client acquisition and retention. 

Another significant revenue driver is our affordable and flexible benefits plans. These cover a wide range of areas, including health, dental, vision, and life insurance.  

Offering these benefits to your clients not only provides them with immense value but also creates an additional income stream for your business. As you expand your services, you differentiate yourself from competitors and create more opportunities to increase your pricing. 

The competitive pricing and advanced features of Evolv attract a wider clientele. By offering more services at competitive rates, you can tap into new market segments and drive business growth.  

The increased accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism you’ll achieve through using Evolv can translate into higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied clients often lead to referrals and positive reviews, further expanding your customer base and boosting your revenue.  

Evolv web-based client services on laptop.

Enhance Client Satisfaction 

Evolv enables users to provide personalized and professional services that align with client needs and expectations. Clients also have access to their online dashboard where they can view payroll, benefits, HR, and payment information anytime and anywhere. Communication is facilitated through a secure messaging system, allowing users to send reminders and notifications to clients. 


Multiple logins, audit trails, and beautifully crafted reports with branding options are part of the Evolv package, allowing your firm to stand out. Evolv is a tool that helps you stay center-stage, enhancing client confidence as you grow and solidify your practice.   

Grow Your Business  

Evolv allows you to scale your practice without compromising on quality or security. Managing multiple clients is seamless, and their performance can be tracked with robust reporting tools. You can also broaden your network and reputation by joining a community of over 20,000 companies that trust PayEvo for their payroll, benefits, HR, client management, and payment needs. 

Evolv is a powerful tool that you can use to grow your accounting business to the next level. If you are an accountant looking for a client management system that can help you do the same, I highly recommend you try it. You can sign up for a demo here https://paymentevolution.com/Evolv and see for yourself how Evolv can transform your business


What about tax updates? 

Evolv is always up to date with the latest tax rules and legislative changes. Users don’t need to install anything, run patches or worry about expensive yearly updates.  

Can I migrate from another payroll service? 

Absolutely! Users can transition from another payroll software any time during the year. All that’s required are the latest payslips for each employee, and Evolv can carry forward your payroll calculations. 

What about direct deposit? 

Both users and their clients can enroll in electronic payment services under any plan. Direct deposit is available for a low per transaction fee with no monthly minimum 



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