It’s true — diversity in the workplace is a complex topic. But there’s one key fact that cuts through the noise: a diverse workplace is a productive workplace. The research exists: diverse companies outperform their counterparts in innovation and productivity. Another study from 2017 found that companies with diverse management teams generate 19 per cent more revenue than those with below-average diversity.  

Diversity isn’t just about the numbers either; it’s about creating a welcoming workplace and boosting employee satisfaction. It’s about people, and people are at the heart of every business.   

For instance, did you know:  

  • By 2041, 43 per cent of Canada’s population will belong to a visible minority group. 
  • More than 22 per cent of Canadians have a disability or long-term health problem. 
  • Millennials are now the largest demographic in the Canadian workforce, and workplace norms are shifting. 

But how do you create a diverse and inclusive workplace? The answer is in hiring and retaining practices. So let’s look at five ways to build a diverse workplace.  

  1. Hire Wider.  

Where does your company post new positions for hire? If you’re only posting your listing in a couple of places, you’ll limit the type of employees who will apply. Instead, post your openings to job boards specializing in diversity — plenty of fantastic Canadian options will provide your organization with a broader array of candidates. And always remove any identifying information from resumes before a manager sees them — we all have unconscious biases. 

  1. Prove Your Diversity  

So, you’ve broadened your approach, and your job opening is in front of the right eyes — but what do they see from your organization? How does your company prove its commitment to diversity in the workplace? For example, 76 per cent of employees and job seekers find a diverse workforce necessary when evaluating offers and companies. You could create an inclusivity statement and celebrate diversity through company events and celebrations. Of course, the most important part is employee feedback — you need honest, realistic feedback to create an inclusive team. 

  1. Educate all Levels 

Education is everything. Diversity and inclusion are complex topics, and you can’t assume that everyone understands their importance and intricacies. Bias training for recruiters is essential, and senior team members need to know how to implement your diversity procedures. Your employees need to see your commitment to diversity. 

  1. Promote From Within  

Once you’ve established and nurtured a diverse team, you should promote from within whenever possible. If your employees are familiar with your team’s cultures, they’ll be better placed improve inclusivity. Plus, employees who see advancement opportunities are more likely to be productive and remain with you.   

  1. Inclusive Policies  

This is a big step, but consider evaluating all your policies and practices with diversity in mind and ensure you’re setting up all your employees for success. For example, do you provide flexible work hours for employees with children? Do you guarantee time off for holidays not observed federally or provincially?  

It’s not always easy to know the best action — and that’s where we come in. With our HX Business Partner, you can work with a consultant to develop and implement inclusive policies. Plus, we have training options for your company tailored to your team’s size. And if you’re not already offering benefits for your employees, get a free live quote to discover how you can support your diverse team. 


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