4 Payroll Lessons to Learn from the Toronto Maple Leafs

Missing Deadlines, Inadequate Backup Among Team’s Mistakes Without top-shelf payroll, most companies can get skated out of the building by their competition. From utilizing a secure and cost-effective online payroll system and conducting regular audits, to automating processes and improving employee engagement and retention, having an efficient payroll system can […]

7 Scary Payroll Nightmares to Avoid this Halloween

Non-Compliance, Outdated Payroll Solutions Can Lead to Spooky Outcomes Amidst the Halloween office backdrop of fake pumpkins, spider webs, and maybe even a witch or two, it can be easy to lose sight of the biggest goblin lurking in the boardroom: scary payroll issues. While the payroll issues your business […]

5 Ways to Measure Employee Satisfaction—And Why it Matters

Pay, Benefits, and Recognition All Factors in Job Satisfaction While it can be easy for small business owners to get caught up in generating more revenue, when employees aren’t satisfied it can be like an undetected hole in the hull that can eventually sink the ship. Adequate pay and employee […]

California Moves to Protect Gig Contractor Employee Benefits. Is Canada Next?

Classifying Independent Contractors Correctly Key to Avoiding CRA Penalties A sweeping move came to the gig contractor economy in California on Sept. 18 – one that could have major implications to the pay and benefits of independent contractors across the U.S. and beyond. In a bold move, California Governor Gavin […]

How Time Clock Software Helps Improve Productivity & Attendance

Time Data Helps Business Owners Identify Issues, Enhance Efficiency With the new schoolyear in full swing, teachers across the country track attendance each day to make sure little Janey and Johnny aren’t off on a Ferris Bueller-style Ferrari joyride somewhere. But in the business world, it’s not teachers who track […]

5 Reasons to Definitely, For Sure Not Add Freelance Contractors to Your Payroll

Warning: Freelance Contractors May Add Efficiency, Expert Skills, Cost Savings Freelancers, contractors, gig workers – whatever you call them, they’re nothin’ but trouble. (You can take our very, super serious word for it.) While the benefits of adding freelance contractors to your payroll has been unanimously agreed upon by nearly […]

How to Improve Summer Productivity with Your Employee Benefits Plan

Focusing on Overall Benefits Plan Key to Morale in the Warmer Months Picture this: the sun is shining – you’re on a beach in Hawaii, drink in hand, soaking up the good life. And then, in a single swoop of an email ping, you’re awoken from your glorious daydream-slumber by […]

How to Prevent Employee Benefits Fraud: A Lesson from Baycrest

Auditing, Education the Key to Safeguarding Against Benefits Fraud After reports of 150 employees being fired or quit over an alleged multimillion-dollar benefits fraud at Baycrest, a prominent Toronto geriatric facility, the first question that often comes to mind is ‘why?’. But for business owners concerned that such an employee […]

The Modern Bookkeeper: Living In The Cloud

Payroll is more complicated than ever; however, by taking advantage of cloud-based solutions, the process can be simplified and streamlined. There are cloud-based solutions that cover all the payroll functions that the modern bookkeeper performs – from running and recording payroll, to issuing tax forms. Cloud-based solutions are redefining the […]