The Declaration for Payroll

Adhering to established standards is crucial for any fintech business. That’s why we at PayEvo are proud to have signed the Declaration for Payroll by the National Payroll Institute.

This declaration lays down eight essential principles of professional payroll, aligning well with our mission of delivering top-notch payroll services to Canadian SMEs.

These principles are:

  • Accuracy
  • Compliance
  • Disclosure
  • Equity
  • Professionalism
  • Security
  • Timeliness
  • Transparency

The PaymentEvolution Commitment

By signing the Declaration for Payroll, we are demonstrating our long-standing commitment to payroll excellence.

This commitment isn’t new to us, but it does stand as a reaffirmation of our promise to uphold high standards in payroll management.

Our journey so far is filled with milestones that reflect our dedication to these principles, building a foundation of trust and reliability with Canadian SMEs and payroll institutes alike.

What This Means for Our Clients

Our alignment with the principles in the Declaration for Payroll is more than just a badge of honour; it’s a promise to our valued clients.

It signifies enhanced trust, reliable service, and a solid dedication to ensuring seamless payroll processes. This declaration reflects our determination to provide services that are not only exemplary but also stand as a benchmark of payroll professionalism.

Looking Ahead

As we embrace the Declaration for Payroll, we’re stepping into a future filled with the promise of continued excellence and innovation.

Our eyes are set on the horizon, envisioning a future where our payroll services are synonymous with quality and trust. We will continue to work for a better financial future for Canadians.

This includes continuing to pave the road for ePayroll and similar infrastructure changes that promise to have a significant impact on payroll ease, timing, and affordability.

This endorsement marks the beginning of a journey towards endless improvement, ensuring we remain the go-to payroll solution provider for Canadian SMEs.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to explore this exciting development with us, and we encourage other payroll providers in Canada to sign the declaration alongside us. Delve into PaymentEvolution services, where every payroll solution is tailored for excellence. Your thoughts and interactions are the fuel driving us forward.

Share your insights on this significant milestone for Canadians, and let’s foster a community dialogue around the importance of high standards in payroll management.


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