Recently we polled over 10,000 Canadian small businesses and asked them if they provided health and dental benefits to their staff. Giving employees access to these services certainly seems like an obvious way to attract and retain great people. In fact, the majority of employees would prefer working for a company that did give them access to these benefits. However, over 80% of business owners said they did not provide even basic access to health, dental and other benefit programs.

If benefits are such a great way to attract and retain employees, why don’t more small business owners offer them? Our poll showed that there were two main reasons – existing benefit plans are expensive and getting access to these plans takes exhaustive effort. It’s simply too hard to set up these programs and enroll your employees.

That changes as of today. Your staff can get access to affordable health and dental coverage with just a few clicks. There’s no medical screening required, no paper forms to fill out, no sales pitches, and, importantly, no additional cost to you, the business owner.

Employees can log into their employee payslip tool,, and register for health and dental coverage. It takes just a few clicks and plans start as low as $16/month. Employees pay directly and are not required to be part of a company group. It’s simply the most accessible health and dental coverage in Canada.

We’re proud to partner with Green Shield Canada to bring this innovative service to Canadian businesses. GSC is Canada’s only national not-for-profit health and dental benefits provider. With a shared vision of making your workplace better, you’ll be able to access these services immediately.

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