2.jpgDirect Deposit is now the preferred method of payment thanks to its security and convenience. Direct deposits leave electronic traces for your and your employees’ reference. They are fast, cheap, paperless and incredibly convenient.

As a business owner, you are able to fully manage your cash flow by knowing exactly when the funds are coming out of your account instead of waiting for the employees to eventually make the deposit.

PaymentEvolution provides paper-free and convenient solutions for payroll. As such, we offer a direct deposit service to match our paper-free, convenient, self-service payroll model. Once your completed application form is completed and submitted for a one-time setup fee of $55, you will have access to our direct deposit services for only $0.50 per transaction. Change your profile settings to default to direct deposit and remember to allow 4 business days after finalizing payroll for payments to process.

Done! Employees are paid directly after a few clicks and a finalized payroll.

For more information, or to obtain direct deposit for your employees go to http://www.paymentevolution.com/epay


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