We’ve updated one of our most popular features – shared access – to include a new type of role, the timesheet manager. Shared access can be used to delegate certain payroll functions to others in your organization. The new timesheet manager role is focused on processing payroll for time-based staff. You may need to have your hourly staff pay runs processed separately from your salaried staff. Now you can delegate the processing of these pay runs to someone in your organization.

Payroll permissions and rolesThere are 5 permission types now available: employeetimekeepertimesheet managerpayroll manager, and payroll master. For details on how these roles can interact with your payroll please see our help article.

We’ve also enhanced general ledger exports to Xero and Kashoo. A few folks have requested that the export be a bit more detailed for better reconciliation with their bookkeeping records. Now, when you export your general ledger to Xero or Kashoo, you’ll see several more line items with a more detailed breakdown of things like source deductions. All your mapped general ledger codes will still be available, you’ll just see more line items in case you need to match certain transactions individually.

Lastly, we’ve modified the earnings advance pay rule to now use the “occasional earnings” tax methodology as prescribed by the Canada Revenue Agency. This more accurately reflects how the majority of our clients use this rule in their payruns (an earnings advance is given occasionally and not regularly like typical wages). If you need advances to use the regular tax calculation, you can create a new custom earnings rule to reflect this.

If you have any other features you’d like to see or have suggestions on other enhancements, please let us know.



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