Managing team members in your PayEvo service is now dramatically easier. From employee onboarding to automated records of employment, this update includes the top requested features from businesses like yours.

When redesigning Canada’s most loved payroll, benefits management, and HR service – we set the bar very high. Thousands of businesses across the country depend on PayEvo to accurately pay their staff, comply with CRA and Revenu Québec tax guidelines and provide a beautiful pay experience for their team.

So, we needed to focus on streamlining the employee management experience so you could accomplish your work faster and automate those tasks that you may not do as often. Our amazing community of businesses – the 99% who power Canada’s economy – gave us clear feedback and helped drive the innovation in this release.

These improvements are built for you – and we are proud to bring them to you and your staff.

Improved Navigation and Layout

It’s now easier to accomplish your work, process payments and manage your employees. The clean menu follows you as you navigate through app and attentively keeps track so you can always find your way around.

The contextual workflow bar adapts to your tasks and elegantly guides you through onboarding, managing employees and more complex scenarios like off-boarding.

The omni-present action bar ensures you always know your next step.

Clean grids are supercharged with instant search, robust filters, and responsive design so you can manage your staff from anywhere.

Detailed Employee Profiles

Most HR systems are dumb electronic copies of old-school paper forms. Don’t settle for slightly better – your team deserves the best.

Employee profiles now provide smart birthday reminders. Critical and private information is double-guarded through locked-down permissions and on-screen masking. Smart fields ensure employee information is accurately captured – reducing data-entry errors across the whole app.

Clear visualizations now make it easier to see the most important information about your team – from vacation balances to on-boarding status.

Employee profiles have now evolved beyond simple forms to actionable data, so you are always on top of your business.

Streamlined Onboarding

Your excitement around a new hire can quickly disappear with the mundane task of enrolling them into systems just so they can get paid.

The employee onboarding experience has been completely re-thought. Your PayEvo service now focuses on automating the setup and enrollment of the new staff member. Built on the analysis of onboarding hundreds of thousands of employees from all company sizes and in every corner of the country, you’ll get your staff member enrolled in record time with streamlined onboarding.

Growing your business like crazy? You’re covered – now you can onboard multiple team members all at once. Need to get off your old system but hate the idea of re-entering all that data – you’re covered too! Efficient bulk-import means you won’t skip a beat paying your staff.

Efficient Off-boarding

Terminations can be complicated, but the problem is often compounded by difficult to use systems and reporting requirements.

Off-boarding is now guided – helping you stay compliant. Your PayEvo service smartly reminds you about outstanding vacation balances so final pay runs are simple.

Records of Employment (ROEs) are automatically generated and filed for you. This saves the average business 2 hours of work per employee. Say goodbye to filing errors and amendments – it’ll be done right the first time.

The guided off-boarding process reduces stress and automates ROEs – big company features finally accessible to every Canadian business.

Built for Businesses like yours

Under the hood, our engineering team has focused on speed. Search is now instant – and multitalented. Look for employees by name, role, type – anything.

Use column filters to customize your views. The system adapts to the way you work and how you want to see your information.

It’s all lightning fast so you can quickly get your work done and get back to running your business.

Have a look around – your employee management experience awaits!


  • Sam Vassa

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