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Integrated online payroll from PaymentEvolution now available to Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS

Non-profits, charities and churches looking for a integrated bookkeeping and payroll service often had to resort to expensive tools or cobble together various pieces of software to efficiently run their organizations. We’re pleased to now offer integration with one of the leading accounting packages for non-profits in North America – Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS. By integrating our cloud-based payroll service with ACCOUNTS, Canadian non-profits can now efficiently run their organization while saving time (and money).

Getting started is simple – just login to your payroll account and enable Software4Nonprofits in the “addons” section. Once you map your chart of accounts, we’ll help you push general journal entries to your Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS file with all your payrun data. For details, please see our community article.

We recently launched ACCOUNTS to solve the bookkeeping and fund accounting needs of non-profits. With PaymentEvolution we can now offer truly affordable Canadian payroll services to our members. – Dan Cooperstock, founder of Software4Nonprofits
So if you are part of a non-profit, local charity or church – take a look at Software4Nonprofits and integrated Canadian payroll from PaymentEvolution.


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