PaymentEvolution Signs the Declaration for Payroll

The Declaration for Payroll Adhering to established standards is crucial for any fintech business. That’s why we at PayEvo are proud to have signed the Declaration for Payroll by the National Payroll Institute. This declaration lays down eight essential principles of professional payroll, aligning well with our mission of delivering […]

The Future of Payroll: CPB Canada IGNITE 2023 Recap

Why IGNITE 2023 Was a Must-Attend for PayEvo Ever wondered what happens when the brightest minds in accounting and bookkeeping come together? We found out at the CPB Canada IGNITE 2023 Conference, and we’re buzzing to share all the details with you. Held from September 19-22, 2023 at the Delta […]

Chequer: Your One-Stop Shop for Financial Empowerment

Welcome to Chequer by PayEvo, the app that’s revolutionizing how teams manage their finances, schedules, and tasks. This isn’t just an app; it’s a movement towards financial empowerment and operational efficiency. Ready to cheque it out? Let’s dive in! Features That Make Chequer Stand Out Why TimeTracker is Essential There […]

PayEvo’s Offboarding Assistant: A digital solution to employment standards compliance

Understanding the complexities and nuances of employment legislation can be overwhelming for small businesses, often leading to unintentional non-compliance. Our latest whitepaper introduces a ground-breaking digital solution designed to tackle this problem, reducing the time, money, and administrative burdens often associated with compliance. The whitepaper explores how our digital assistant […]

Rage Applying: The Proven Signs of Toxic Work Environments

The pandemic has brought about many changes in the workplace, and one of the latest trends is rage applying. This phenomenon involves gen z and millennials applying to multiple jobs to escape their toxic work environments.   Rage applying has recently gone viral, following in the footsteps of quiet quitting […]

How we reached over 7000 clients

Who doesn’t love to get paid? It’s a basic premise of work and one we’re quite fond of! In fact, we now help over 7000 businesses across Canada and around the world pay their staff. It’s made us one of the largest and most loved payroll and payments services. We […]

Custom Company URL / Aliases

Custom Company Aliases now available We’ve introduced custom company URLs (specific web addresses) for your staff to login to see their pay history. Your staff can now go to to see their pay history. For details on how to set this up, please see our forum help article. Employees […]