Annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly,

We love it when you close on time.

5 days prior, please end your period promptly,

And we’ll send the funds over, down to the last dime.


Remittances are a task that all business owners have to endure. No matter how big or small your business is you need to make sure you are remitting taxes, and remitting the proper amounts, on time. Fortunately for you, PaymentEvolution has a bulletproof solution so you will never forget your remittances.

Set up Epay (direct deposit) with us and indicate that you want us to send remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf. It’s that simple! Your next steps:

After you complete the final pay run of your remittance cycle (at the end of the month for monthly remitters) – close your remittance period. Remittances will be automatically sent to the CRA for only $2.50 / pay run.

To recap:

1) indicate on your ePay application that you would like us to send in your remittances,

2) end your remittance period at least 5 days before the due date

When it’s time to close a remittance period, take the action to go to ACTIONS and select END OF PERIOD.

For more information, see the help desk article below:


I’m a responsible client, as responsible as can be,

And I need to be sure that it’s done.

Have the remittances been sent? Are they error free?

I’d like to verify each one.


Dear client, there is indeed a way to verify if and when your remittances have been sent. In fact, we ask our clients to double check that remittances have been sent in the correct amount no later than one day after remittances are due. This is to ensure that, in the very rare event an error is found, we can remedy it in a timely manner. To check your remittances, you can access your EPAY/ DIRECT DEPOSIT reports and filter by REMITTANCES. Here you will find all remittance amounts that have been collected and their status. “TRANSACTION PROCESSED” means that your remittances have been sent to the CRA.

For more information, see the help desk article below:


Have you signed up for automated remittances?


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