Understanding the complexities and nuances of employment legislation can be overwhelming for small businesses, often leading to unintentional non-compliance. Our latest whitepaper introduces a ground-breaking digital solution designed to tackle this problem, reducing the time, money, and administrative burdens often associated with compliance.

The whitepaper explores how our digital assistant leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand and interpret employment legislation. Through this process, the digital assistant becomes well-versed in the law and helps small businesses automate compliance.

The solution works by first digesting the employment standards legislation into machine-readable language. This digital comprehension of the law enables the assistant to understand the facts necessary for compliance and the required calculations. The system interfaces with our databases to pull necessary data, while any additional required facts are collected from the user efficiently and minimally.

Not only does the digital assistant make compliance checks quicker and easier, but it also generates a PDF record of the compliance check. This document is a comprehensive record detailing the calculations and reasoning behind them. This can be of significant value for businesses in the case of an audit and can be used as a reference by employers, employees, HR professionals, accountants, lawyers, and employment standards officers.

We have developed two versions of the assistant in response to diverse business needs. The current version offers a quick compliance check, trading some control over input data for speed. Coming soon is a more customizable version that balances speed and data control based on user preference.

With our digital assistant, we aim to empower small businesses in Canada to stay compliant with employment standards promptly and cost-effectively. For further insights into how our innovative digital solution is transforming the way Canadian small businesses manage compliance with employment standards, download our comprehensive whitepaper below.

Explore how digital innovation is revolutionizing the employment landscape and helping small businesses in Canada thrive, despite complex and ever-evolving employment laws.


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